Ehab El-Agamy Appologises for El Sherif/Aboul Naga “Gay Prostitution Ring” Allegations

In autumn 2009, Egyptian newspaper Al Balagh Al Gedid published a reportage naming veteran Egyptian actors  Nour El Sherif, Khaled Aboul Naga and Hamdi El Wazir as part of a gay prostitution ring. Quelle scandale.

The paper’s editor Abdou El-Maghraby and “journalist” Ehab El-Agamy were sued for defaming the actors. El-Agamy claimed that he only wrote a short article about a gay prostitution ring, but never included or approved the inclusion of the names and photos of those actors. Eventually, Al Balagh Al Gadid was banned. (Read @Zeinobia’s blog-post on the issue here, as it includes some interesting details and thoughts.)

Anyway, El-Agamy went off to become chairman of another newspaper, Nabd Al Sha’b, which despite being in its fourth year still has no website (?). The November 2011 issue featured a sort of apology to the actor(s) affected, right on the paper’s frontpage.

To be frank, I could not be bothered to read the whole article, as El-Agamy’s style makes me ill, and anything he says is an insult to whatever little intelligence I possess. Reading a few sentences here and there, the article seems to me to be aimed towards those who doubted El-Agamy, and his ability to rise from the ashes of the scandal, like a beautiful phoenix, his head held high, and his journalistic integrity intact, than actually an apology to the actors.

Here is a scan of this front page article, in Arabic. I think El-Agamy’s photo (on the left) speaks volumes about his character, which I will leave to you to ponder on your own time. Not that I suggest that you waste any time pondering over El-Agamy.

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